Coin forgeries and replicas 2006

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by I.Prokopov

(‘Coin Collections and Coin Hoards from Bulgaria’ no. 5),
in English, format 16°, 80 pp., glossy paperback


This book contains 201 coins plus several objects as well. There are single specimens as well as pseudo hoards presented – Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Celtic coins. Some production of the well known Mandev studio is shown as well.
Sections are as follows:
a 6 page foreword,

  • a 27 pp. catalogue of Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Celtic coins,
  • a 3 page text presentation of Mandev studio with another 7 pages catalogue of his work,
  • followed by 4 pages of various object photos,
  • a 20 page catalogue of Histiaea tetrobols catalogue
  • and a 5 page enlargements section at the end.
  • Finally, 2 forthcoming books are shortly presented.

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