Contemporary Coin Engravers and Coin Masters from Bulgaria


Contemporary Coin Engravers and Coin Masters from Bulgaria” by I.Prokopov.

(‘Coin Collections and Coin Hoards from Bulgaria’ no. 2), in English, format 16°, 88 pp., glossy black paperback, 152 coins and 2 coin dies.

Words by the author:
“The aim of the current booklet is to make a presentation of some of the best contemporary Bulgarian masters of copies and replicas of ancient coins. It comprises of 152 “ancient” coins and 2 steel coin dies by Lipanoff masters. When being initially confronted with the specimens, created by this new (for me) “studio”, I figured that this was some newly sprung center for production of counterfeits in Bulgaria. I made inquiries and quite easily got in contact with the manufacturers.
These people, named “Lipanoff” work openly, their products are custom-made, and so they do not want anybody to profiteer by their produce. The coins of Lipanoff were not cast or pressed, they were minted. Sadly enough, lots of attempts of fraud have already been made with their products being offered to clients as originals. As the “Lipanoff” studio masters insisted on being correct to their public they decided to publicize periodically their coins and other similar products. So it was my pleasure to present the “Lipanoff” studio production.”

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