Counterfeit studios and their coins


by I.Prokopov and R.Manov

(‘Coin Collections and Coin Hoards from Bulgaria’ no. 4),
in English, format 16°, 88 pp., glossy black paperback

This book contains 109 coins 70 of which are newly discovered forgeries. With almost every coin there is a detailed comment with recommendations for the collectors on how to observe the coin to successfully recognize the counterfeit. Besides, with each photo there is an indication which forgery studio has produced the coin.
Other 30 coins from the private collection of Mr. Rumen Manov are presented in the next section. A large group of them were already published in another book which could not be distributed and was held in the publisher’s stores in Sofia. This is why some of the coins are shown here with better illustrations. Further there are 9 coins proposed for a discussion – whether they are fakes or not. In the end of the book the smallest coins can be seen enlarged.

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