LIPANOFF STUDIO: Catalog of all registered coin types (PDF)


COIN COLLECTIONS AND COIN HOARDS FROM BULGARIA. STOP FORGERIES (CCCHBulg. SF) Studies on counterfeits of ancient coins, Volume IX in series

LIPANOFF STUDIO: Catalog of all registered coin types.
By Ilya S. Prokopov

This book is about the work of one of the famous coin counterfeit studios in Bulgaria. The author has documented and presented in a catalogue format all forgeries he could gain access to. There are some new observations and variants of Lipanoff Studio coins.

The first publication about Lipanoff Studio was in 2004. The book was published in a small printed circulation and by now its availability is almost over.

In the period up until 2016 we have seen a process of multiplication of the Lipanoff products done mainly by casting. A large number of the forgeries were identified and published by the members of Forum Ancient Coins in the section “Dr. Ilya Prokopov's Fake Ancient Coin Reports”.  This is how we came to the idea of a new book dedicated to the Lipanoff Studio products which would cover the prototypes from the first edition and then also the development of the process including the production of other forgers done by copying and casting. The catalogue allows to trace the effect of the altered coins – the ability to compare these 'new' altered coins with the prototypes facilitates the reader. The author has referenced to leading world catalogues to compare the coins with the authentic originals.  For that purpose there is a bibliography and abbreviations attached.

It is well known that many of the Lipanoff Studio coins are very hard to recognize after being a subject of ageing and patination and therefore they easily end in collections and auctions. To avoid such cases it is necessary to pay attention and do a thorough comparison before making a deal. The book is published after the death of both Lipanoff masters and summarizes all registered coins. The future will show what the consequences of their work will be. A large portion of their coin dies are scattered around the world and their use for forgery production continues.

In its essence this publication is a result of the collective efforts of the author and the members of the Forum Ancient Coins. The author has published the names and nicknames of members who have posted identified Lipanoff Studio coins.

The book has a short introduction and a catalogue with numbers from 1 to 428. It has 211 pages of an A4 format with full colour photos. This edition is digital only (PDF format). Published by ProVias Ltd., Sofia, 2016.

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