NUMISMATIC COLLECTIONS OF THE MUSEUMS AT SANDANSKI (ancient Medius-Particopolis), PETRICH (ancient Heraclea Sintica) AND GOTSE DELCHEV (ancient Nikopolis ad Nestum)


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This is the sixth volume in series ‘Coin Collections and Coin Hoards from Bulgaria’ (CCCHBulg. VI), presenting the numismatic collections of state museums in the present-day Republic of Bulgaria. A comprehensive introduction provides background information on the southwestern area of Blagoevgrad district. In CCCHBulg. IV was presented the collection of the Regional Museum in Blagoevgrad.

The collections of three municipal museums at the towns of Sandanski, Petrich and Gotse Delchev are presented here. These three cities are located in the valleys of the rivers Struma (anc. Strymon) and Mesta (anc. Nestos). Volume 6 provides a good picture of coin circulation along the valleys of Struma and Mesta within the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

In this volume we have new information including the data of the museums collections, archeological excavations and documentation of collectors and local historians. This information is significant in volume. It is about coin finds and is presented with photos, tables and brief descriptions. The registered small denominations ranging from hemiobol to trihemiobol from the period of 6-5 in. BC are especially valuable. There is already enough information about the heavy denominations. So we add this new information and complete the picture for the minting and coin circulation of the earliest period in the researched region. We are also convinced that this new information on scattered coin hoards and single silver and bronze coins from the region will contribute to the study of local history.

The number of coins presented in the catalog is 1200. The number of documented scattered coins in the region is 1131. The volume of the book is 283 pages. The format is A4.

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