The numismatic collection of the Regional Historical Museum at Kyustendil (Ancient Pautalia). Part I.


by S. Filipova, I. Prokopov and E. Paunov

(series ‘Coin Collections and Coin Hoards from Bulgaria’ (CCCHBulg), volume II – chief editor Dr Ilya S. Prokopov)
in English, format 8°/A4, 132 pp., glossy card covers, 819 coins. Sofia: Provias Publ. Ltd, November 2009.
Contents: Introduction. Abbreviations. Map of the region. Catalogue of coins.
This is the second volume in series ‘Coin Collections and Coin Hoards from Bulgaria’, presenting the numismatic collections of state museums in the present-day Republic of Bulgaria, after the first book on the Lovech and Razgrad museums (CCCHBulg I, 2007)

In this format (22.5×14.5 cm) is published a large group of modern and ancient cast forgeries of Greek and Roman coins coming from Bulgaria. 112 coins in gold, silver, copper and bronze are catalogued and illustrated with nice black & white photos in chronological and geographic principle. For the first time a group of 15 coins and details are presented in full color. In the beginning, authors show 11 Roman contemporary cast coins from Moesia – 5 asses and 11 denarii. Next a pseudo-hoard of fake and genuine Roman Imperial coins – consisting of 2 aurei and 74 denarii, is shown. The Bulgarian police authorities at the customs deprived it in the fall of 2003. From the total number of coins, 6 specimens are Greek and Macedonian (4 in silver, 2 in bronze); 83 Roman (Republican – 1 denarius; Imperial: – 82, (3 in gold, 80 in silver, 11 in bronze, 1 in lead). A special section of the catalogue is devoted to a modern rubber/plastic negative matrix for making imprints of cast models of Roman Imperial denarii. All are illustrated in detail and commented.

A comprehensive 9-pages introduction provides background information on the region of Kyustendil (ancient town of Ulpia Pautalia), its geography and historical development in Antiquity. The introduction of earliest coins in the region along Strouma river, the general coin pattern and circulation are discussed with numerous references quoted. Major coin denominations and all extant hoards are noted. In this classic format (29.5×21 cm), the coin collection of the Regional Historical Museum of Kyustendil(Southwestern Bulgaria) is published. It covers the ancient coins and includes 819 pieces in total: among them 58 are Greek, 7 Thracian, 110 Macedonian and 23 Roman Republican and 269 Roman provincial issues, plus 9 different coin hoards. Coins are catalogued and illustrated with clear black&white photos in chronological and geographic principle, following the SNG-standards. For the first time, 9 new coin hoards from the Kyustendil museum collection are published:

1. Razlog, Blagoevgrad region – 26 AR tetradrachms (12 late Thasos and 14 Athens New Style (cat. Nos. 496-521);
2. Visoka mogila, Kyustendil region – 16 AE of Maroneia, 2nd period (cat. Nos. 480-495)
3. Kraynitsi, Kyustendil region – 9 Macedonian AE, from Alexander III to Perseus, Thessalonika and autonomous (cat. Nos. 522-530);
4. Smochevo, Kyustendil region – 14 Macedonian AE, Philip V and Perseus (cat. Nos. 531-544);
5. Laskarevo, Blagoevgrad region – 58 Macedonian AE, from Philip II to C. Publilius, Amphipolis, Pella, Thessalonica, autonomous and Philippi (cat. Nos. 545-600);
6. Kocherinovo, Blagoevgrad region – 25 Macedonian AE, from Philip II to Antigonus Gonatas, Amphipolis, Pella, Thessalonica and Philippi (cat. Nos. 601-625);
7. Kapitan Dimitrievo, Pazardzhik region/1991 – 55 Republican denarii down to 42 BC, 1 issue of Bolskan/Oska in Spain (cat. Nos. 626-681);
8. Kamenik, Kyustendil region – 136 coins: 4 denarii (Pius to Elagabalus), 5 antoniniani (Gordian III to Valerian I), and 126 AE provincials of Macedonia: Thessalonica, Pella, Edessa and KOINON MAKEDONWN (cat. Nos. 685-819);
9. Samokov, Sofia region – part of a hoard: 2 AE provincials of Severus and Caracalla, plus 1 AE medallion of Elagabalus, struck at Philippopolis in Thrace (cat. Nos. 682-684).

In the same time, all Roman Provincial issues of the 1st – 3rd century AD found at Kyustendil during the excavations of ancient Pautalia are included in this volume. Part II will include a large fragment of the Rezhantsi/1961 hoard (IGCH 410-412, of Philip II, Lycceios and Patraos), the remaining Roman Imperial, late Roman coins and Byzantine coins. It is due to be published in 2011.

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The numismatic collection of the Regional Historical Museum at Kyustendil (Ancient Pautalia). Part I: Greek, Thracian, Macedonian, Roman Republican and Roman Provincial Coins


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