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The next book of the ‘coin forgery’ series is now out

We are glad to announce that we are ready with a new book of the ‘coin forgery’ series. We publish it only as a digital book (available as a high res PDF).


COUNTERFEITS OF ROMAN AND BYZANTINE GOLD COINS. Revealing the secret of how they are made




This book presents a group of coin dies for striking or pressing of fake golden Roman and Byzantine coins. These dies are made by a unique method during a long and elaborate process.

Quality images are taken from genuine golden coins. Then by a galvanoplasty  method the dies are produced – they sit in a galvanic vat for tens of days, sometimes a month. The metal they are made of is in fact pure nickel.

The dies presented in this book are mainly combinations of obverse and reverse variations. There are also a few single dies. This clearly shows that the ‘collection’ has been scattered. Even though, the part that we publish here provides us with some important conclusions on coin forgeries and the forgery process itself.

We believe the book can be of practical use for readers. Careful observation and comparison could prevent them from buying fake coins.

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